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Providers of First Class Auto Transport Services

It can be tough to find a first class auto transport service to ship your car.  But Charter Van Lines will solve that problem in a snap.  With connections to auto transport experts, we will find you a professional vehicle transport expert to assist you with your relocation.  Recognized for superior services, Charter Van Lines is one of the nation’s top providers of vehicle transport options.  The services we provide are truly first class, so you don’t need to worry.  We are ready to assist you in shipping your car!

Charter Van Lines connects you with the automobile relocation service you need any day of the year. When you schedule your vehicle’s shipment through us, rest assured that everything will be done correctly.  In addition to all of this, we also have auto transport solutions for companies all over the United States.  Inquire today and ship your car safely, affordably, and efficiently!

Long Distance Auto Transport Options Include

First Class Auto Transport


Choose Charter Van Lines to safely transport your vehicle.  We offer first class, secure vehicle transportation at great rates.  Your car is in good hands with our experienced team.

first class auto transport


Charter Van Lines has custom options for the transportation of your vehicle.  If you need a covered carrier or any other individualized package, let us know.  We’re here for you!

First Class Auto Transport


Charter Van Lines provides low auto transport rates for your vehicle.  Need to get in touch, we are always available. Your vehicle is always transported safely with Charter Van Lines!

Charter Van Lines

What is First Class Auto Transport?

Do you want first class, top of the line, vehicle transportation?  Who doesn’t? Transportation of an automobile is an important and essential fact to consider carefully when moving.  Your vehicle is a crucial element in day to day life. Rather than taking the risk and picking a service out of a hat or driving yourself, it’s important to consider who you are hiring.
If you use Charter Van Lines, we guarantee first class auto transport services.  What this means is that our auto transport services are reliable, safe and top of the line.  Your vehicle will never get damaged and we will get it to you exactly when we say we will.  Charter Van Lines will connect you to the appropriate and first class car shipping service for your move. 
Let us handle getting your car where it needs to be!  We will secure the lowest auto transport rates with our valuable connections to first class auto transport services all over the country.  Although our company’s corporate headquarters is located in Southern Florida, we are well connected with first class vehicle transport in just about every state.  We can surely offer you the lowest auto transport rates for your long distance move by handpicking the best mover for your vehicle and securing excellent rates.
 If something was to go wrong with a household vehicle then life may have to be put on hold. Yet that should be the least of your worries when traveling a long distance and while other options are available to you through your friends at Charter Van Lines.
 Charter Van Lines, with its wealth of experience in long distance moving, is here for you!  Pick up your phone and call today to speak to one of our representatives to get the lowest first class auto transport rates for your relocation.  We will see to it that your next move is stress free!  Our team of over 200 employees always has the best connections for the most reliable services when it comes to shipping vehicles.  And all of our affiliated movers are the best in the industry.  Actually, they are first class! We only work with the most reliable companies and first class auto transport experts!


Think twice about taking the risk of driving cross country just to get to your new home.  Complications arise far more often in long distance driving than in long distance auto transport.  Think about that!  Choosing to drive or coordinate your vehicle’s move on your own can prove to be an unnecessary and costly headache.  Call Charter Van Lines and one of our agents will connect you to our team of first class auto transport experts.  Let us help you avoid the worries that would otherwise come with driving long distance for your next move.  We will see to it that you get to your new destination in one piece!

Our Promise to You

Excellence in Vehicle Relocation Services

As a reputable automobile transport service, we at Charter Van Lines feel we have an obligation to live up to our pristine reputation.  There are so many companies offering auto transport services.  Unfortunately, not all of them make transportation of a vehicle as easy as we do.  It is our mission to ship your car fast, efficiently, and safely!

Charter Van Lines Offers First Class Auto Transport Experts

What to know before you ship your car

If you have made plans to ship your vehicle, it is wise to know a little bit about auto transportation beforehand. There are many vehicle transport services in the United States. With the frequency of residential and commercial moves, it is understandable that many movers provide vehicle transportation service. Many of these services have long distance options.  But not all of them are first class auto transport companies.

What is a first class auto transport service, you might ask.  This is very different from simply loading a vehicle onto a flatbed and driving it to a designated location.

With a first class auto transport service, your vehicle will be protected from debris and the elements during the shipment process.  This often means that the truck it is carried on is supported by a covered enclosure rather than just sitting in the open air.  Often times, a vehicle may be covered with a durable protective fabric if left in an uncovered carrier.  We do this to protect and support your vehicle’s safe transport to its location.

Another characteristic of first class auto transport service is their professional service employees.  Often times, when shipping a car, there is a small wait before the car is picked up.  The vehicle will likely not arrive at its designated location immediately as the process takes time.  Especially for a long distance relocation.  A first class auto transport provider will be available through the entire and sometimes tedious process.  They will not drop off the face of the earth once they have gotten paid.  Charter Van Lines offers auto transport services that are reliable, professional, and first class.  You can give us a call at any time or fill out the form in this site for more information.

With all of the choices of vehicle carriers in the United States alone, it can be intimidating to find and choose the appropriate expert.  Charter Van Lines is great in that we do this work for you.  We only deal with professional, reliable and reputable vehicle transportation experts and we will always keep you informed about the status of your vehicle during the shipment process.  Charter Van Lines offers first class auto transport services all over the country.  And we do it right!

Safety First with our First Class Auto Transport Experts

Making the Most of Your First Class Auto Transport Move

People do not always realize the importance of a vehicle until it is too late.  In a household with one or two vehicles a breakdown can really throw a wrench in day to day plans.  Some vehicular malfunctions are far worse than others, leaving damages costing more than the overall value of the car itself.  It is because of situations like these, which are always a more of a gamble when traveling long distances, that auto transport seems to be the only feasible option.  Through Charter Van Lines, you can be certain that your vehicle makes it to any destination at a reasonably low rate.


Transporting a car for a long distance relocation from Florida to another state seems more realistic when you know you are in capable hands.  The most logical decision a Florida interstate mover can make is to simply pick up the phone and get a quick moving estimate.  Weigh the pros and cons before you drive into an endeavor that is pure speculation.  Charter Van Lines uses a team of First Class Auto Transport Specialists to get your car from point A to point B.  Our customer service representatives are here to help you make sure that your next move is trouble free.  


The list of risks in long distance travel is a long one.  Why leave your well being to chance? We can connect you to excellent moving companies that offer low rates for auto transport.  Driving through the middle of nowhere only to realize that your gas tank is near empty is always unnerving. If you do not come across a gas station, and soon, it could be prove a horrible experience.  Do not forget the worries of getting lost during long distance travel, as well. There are so many things that can go wrong and only one decision that is guaranteed to be right. Do not mess with your fate, at least take the time to hear our low rate!


Charter Van Lines cares about its customers.  With the knowledge of moving that we have ascertained through our countless experiences in this field of expertise, you know you can rely on us to help you make the big decisions that come with residential moving.  Tires, windshields, engines, and so many other parts of your vehicle will be at much higher risk than normal when driving so many miles just to lay your head. Do not hesitate to call before your next move.


Here at Charter Van Lines we stay well connected.  Based on your location, we will connect you to the most reliable and affordable auto transport movers possible.  We only work with professionals we consider first class movers.  When it comes to shipping your car, we know it like the back of our hands.  Residential moving and Auto Transport is what we do, and we are sure you would prefer to have a working vehicle when you get to your new home. With over 200 employees, we are sure we have the representative for you to put your mind at ease before what would otherwise be such a stressful venture.  Spare your gas tanks, odometers, and engines the wear and tear of long distance moving. Call Charter Van Lines today for your quick moving quote and a low rate for first class auto transportation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reserve a date for your long distance move to ensure mover availability in your location.  Charter Van Lines is an interstate moving provider.

Get an Instant Quote for your long distance relocation.  Receive a 10% discount by using Charter Van Lines.

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