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Charter Van Lines will provide you with a home moving service that will deliver exceptional quality and competitive rates.  Recognized for its superior relocation services, Charter Van Lines prides itself in being one of the nations top providers of household moving services.  It is affiliated with many of the best moving companies in the business and is also able to secure the lowest rates for your move.  Charter Van Lines is so well received because it connects you with the home moving service you need any day of the year.

When you schedule your household move through Charter Van Lines, rest assured that our customer service will see to it that everything is done right. Our customer service department employs friendly workers who are able to get you the best rates for your relocation. If you need to move, home moving service options that are reputable can be difficult to find.  Sometimes it’s difficult to even know what type of moving services you will need for your residential move.  For smaller home moves such as apartment moving and dorm room moving, a smaller team of movers is used than with larger home moving services.

But the good news is you do not need to worry at all!  From arranging a date to come and pack up your belongings, with a complete list of inventory so that nothing gets misplaced, to reassembling all of your furniture, your relocation with Charter Van Lines will be the best choice for your move.  The quality home moving service specialists we use are a breeze to work with in comparison to other moving companies that just don’t measure up.  And if you need to store the items from your move before they reach your home, Charter Van Lines has storage warehouses at your disposal, which many other movers neglect to offer.

Our friendly agents will handle your home moving and relocation needs and can give you a quick quote for the service you choose.  If you need to schedule auto transport in addition to your residential move, we can do that too.  As your link to the best moving services in the industry, Charter Van Lines goes above and beyond to make sure that we do it right!  We provide excellent prices at the lowest rates for your relocation and we offer you the best full service amenities for your move.  We make household moving easy, whether it be a smaller job like apartment moving or a much larger residence.

Long distance moving can be overwhelming as there are so many home moving services to choose from.  Because it is often difficult to find movers that are best for you it is a better idea to get matched up with the right company through us.  Stick to the best of the best and call Charter Van Lines today.  We will connect you to the home moving service that meet all of your residential moving needs.
If you serve or served in the United States military we have a discounted rate awaiting you.  Call Charter Van Lines today!

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Moving Tips for your next Relocation

As a reputable home moving service, we at Charter Van Lines feel we have an obligation to help our customers get sorted for their days ahead.


There are many movers and not all of them make household moving as stress free as we do here at Charter Van Lines.  It is our mission to spare the typical mover any headaches that would normally be associated with relocation.


Our first suggestion to Movers is to take the time to get an estimate for your upcoming relocation prior to agreeing to anything.  Is your relocation an Apartment Move or is is it a larger, residential ? A moving company you seek out for your home move may not have the same quality of equipment, trucks and movers as you will find with Charter Van Lines. Here at Charter Van Lines we offer prices that are comparable to any other top-tier moving company, while connecting you to full service that goes above and beyond that of the others. Residential moving can be made so much easier just by doing research beforehand.  Feel free to call our customer service department at Charter Van Lines with any such inquiries.


Another tip for movers is to make sure that the company you use takes an inventory of all of your belongings that are going to be handled.  Charter Van Lines only brings you movers that take such an inventory of their clients’ possessions, being sure to record every item along with side notes mentioning any existing damages. Upon completing a full list your movers sign it and have you sign it as well before loading up the truck and commencing with your residential moving experience.  Taking these precautions assures that you and your home moving service can relax in knowing that everything is accounted for.


Residential moving requires a destination!  The problem is that more often than not, movers have a date they have to get out of their current home by, but they have yet to find the perfect whereabouts to settle into.  Charter Van Lines is linked with storage facilities to solve any such setback, but that is not the case for every moving company out there.  Again, as an interstate mover specializing in home moves, there are a lot of moving companies to choose from.  Charter Van Lines is careful to connect you to one that has all of the necessities to make your journey as stress free as possible.


Finally, it is important to make the decision of whether you will be driving your vehicle to your new home or having it transported there.  Residential moving can be tough on a car when driving across the country, tacking on unnecessary mileage and decreasing its overall value.  It is a risk no one should have to take!  Charter Van Lines works with movers that have transport available among their full service options, whereas your typical moving company may not have such alternatives.
With over 200 employees, Charter Van Lines will connect you to the best full service moving company.  Our goal is to keep all of our movers happy as can be with a hassle free residential moving experience.  Be sure to contact Charter Van Lines today to inquire about our home moving services!

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Tips for Choosing a Home Moving Service

Residential moving can often be problematic, leading to added levels of stress that nobody should ever have to go through. When looking for long distance movers, it can be confusing.  There are so many!  Who can you trust to put your mind at ease? This is why we at Charter Van Lines, the nation’s top home moving service, will connect you to a moving company capable of removing any such anxieties and assisting you with your relocation.

Here are some of the most important things for residential moving and relocations that many people overlook.



It is very important to make sure you go to a reliable company.  Don’t coordinate your relocation through someone you simply find on Craigslist.  Registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) a legitimate mover will explains whether they are a broker or a mover, arranging the transportation of your shipment but not providing line-haul transportation versus actually transporting your shipment.  Charter Van Lines is licensed. That is right, we are legitimate!



The companies Charter Van Lines connects its clients to always begin an apartment moving job, or that of an entire house, by taking a full inventory of all of the possessions that they will be handling.  The mover is required to make a record of the existence and condition of each item before it is moved, establishing a record of the existence and condition of everything that will be handled.  After completing the list the mover and you both sign off on it to commence with the move. This is something that is often overlooked by long distance movers Miami is known for.



We have a great team of over 200 employees with a number of departments, one of the most crucial being our customer service department. They will answer any questions and relieve any of your apartment moving  or relocation anxieties.  We will connect you with a reliable Florida interstate mover.  Who would have known that residential moving could be this easy?



Charter Van Lines provides you with auto transport at a low rate for your relocation, unlike some long distance movers in the industry.  People do not always think of the value of their own vehicle.  There is no need to take the risk of driving yourself. The full service for residential moving that we find you will not miss anything.  You are safe in the hands of our representatives from getting you started with your apartment moving to that of an entire household… or even just a car!



Home moving services providing residential relocations can have some major time constraints!  Sometimes our clients jump into residential moving without being fully ready.  If you need to get your belongings on the road, but do not have a location to bring them to just yet, we can provide warehouse storage.  Another reason to choose Charter Van Lines!


Did we mention that we even coordinate corporate moves?  Household moving is not an easy task and neither is something as seemingly simple as apartment moving.  You can rest assured that we will put all of our effort into connecting you to a company that can even handle jobs as enormous as corporate relocation, treating every client with the same level of dedication.  We only associate with reliable companies that are well known and reputable!  Charter Van Lines offers everything you can think of.  We dot the i’s and cross the t’s.



Residential moving, even in the smallest of forms, is often a stressful job for any homeowner.  Leave it to us at Charter Van Lines to make your move a whole lot easier. Many companies that coordinate a home moving service have often been known to add stress for something as simple as apartment moving.  Not us!  Our customer service, along with the rest of our team, is the best in the business!  We are dedicated to providing you with a home moving service that is stress and hassle free!



Charter Van Lines is available any day of the year.  Our full service moves make your move easy with movers that will take care of everything from packing your belongings to reassembling them at your new home.  Who would have thought that residential moving could actually be relaxing!  Of all of the long distance movers in the industry, we connect you to the best of the best. Stick with us if you want a team that is diligent and reliable.  Be sure to browse the rest of our website to read more about our full service!



Now that you have an idea of what residential moving is all about, go ahead and check out the stellar reviews that our team at Charter Van Lines has received!  We are your top choice for interstate moving services for a good reason… well, a whole bunch of good reasons!

Charter Van Lines is the Top Home Moving Service!

Full Service Movers For Your Relocation

Looking for full service movers for your home move or corporate relocation?  Charter Van Lines not only connects you to companies that offer full service moves, but also provide a stress free experience for all of their clients.  This is not always the case with the other top full service moving companies.  Charter Van Lines has over 200 employees across the country, including one of the best customer service departments worldwide.  Call today for a quick moving quote and see for yourself why we rank among the best in the industry.


Charter Van Lines, affiliate of the top full service moving companies, can find you a wide variety of options.  Among these are the choices of whether you need home moving service, corporate relocation, or the coordination of moving trade show exhibits.  Which full service movers have all of these alternatives?  When it comes to “full service” we pride ourself in connecting you to movers that stay true to the term in every aspect of their work.


Another must is that your movers can provide storage for your belongings if the need ever arises.  We always stick to our timelines, making sure that your belongings are packed and on the road when you need them to be and getting it all to where it needs to be by the given date.  We are available any day of the year to facilitate your relocation, so call in for your quick moving quote and get connected to the best full service movers in the industry!
When calling in for that quick moving quote be sure to let our representative know if you ever served in the United States military for an extra discount!  That is just another of the many bonuses from the top full service moving companies we connect you to.  Here at Charter Van Lines we eagerly await your call so that we can make your next full service move hassle free!

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