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Moving Tips For your long distance relocation

If you’re looking for moving tips to help you through your next relocation you’re in the right place.  Below are some often overlooked moving tips, tricks, and hacks to assist you in having a smoother move.  There are many different things to consider when it comes to moving.  Choosing a moving service, packing tips for your move, getting good deals on the cost of your move are just a few things you should put some thought into.  So if you are looking for some tips to make your relocation pleasant, we look forward to helping.


You might have been wondering about moving tips to cut your move cost.  Do you know the average amount it will cost for you to move out of state? According to a recent study, the average cost of interstate moving services when the distance is 1225 miles and weight is 7400 pounds may be more than you thought.  But don’t fret.  There are a few moving tips to keep in mind.  They will drastically cut the cost of your next relocation. Even though move costs can range anywhere from $2300 to $4300 or more, if you keep some things in mind, you can eliminate any unnecessary moving charges.

You can easily calculate the amount that you will have to pay for an interstate move if you know the distance and the weight of all of your furniture and items. However, there are many other facts that might affect the cost of your long distance move.

moving and storage services

TIP 3: If you are looking to cut costs, do all the packing on your own.

Charter Van Lines moving and storage

Tip 6: Visit local businesses and see if they have old boxes you could have

interstate moving and packing/storage services

TIP 8: Choose a top moving service for your upcoming move


The travel fee can quickly increase when you are planning your interstate move. There are different services and costs that you will have to consider. This may include the fuel cost and a labor cost which includes the time movers spend helping you move your stuff from one place to another.

To prevent this cost from quickly adding up, inquire with your movers and get a clear picture as to how they charge for travel.


This is a very important moving tip to take into consideration. Pay attention to the weight and size of items that you are planning to move when you hire your movers. The more stuff you have the more you will be charged and have to pay.  The reason is that when you have more items the work load is heavier and the overall weight and cost will increase.


There are many individuals that hire movers to pack and unpack household items and furniture for an interstate move. You are hiring for extra services which means that you will have to pay extra for them as well.  If you are looking to cut costs, do all the packing on your own.  Bamm!  Moving tip number 3!


Remember that if you include any add-on services the cost of your interstate move will be increased. Some of the common add-on services that people often consider including are

Disassembling and reassembling the furniture

Moving supplies to be provided by movers like felt pads, stretch wraps, and mattress bags

Moving specialty items


If you are moving out of state, there are chances that you will need someplace to store your items for sometime. If your friend does not have enough space in his or her garage there are chances that you will have to rent a storage space or ask the movers to do the task for you. In this situation, you should get ready to pay a good amount of money for storage services to accommodate your interstate move.  If you keep this in mind, you will have a better opportunity to plan in accordance with your budge.  You will have more time to find a moving service that has good prices for both moving and storage.  Not just one or the other.


This is one of my favorite moving tips, so read this and bookmark this page!  Do not forget that you will have to pay for moving supplies if you cannot get all of your boxes for free. It might not be a huge amount of money, but it will add up.  You will need a large amount of supplies and boxes to complete any type of move.  Remember, you are packing and moving your entire home!

Some places you can find boxes:

  1. Home Depot
  2. Ikea
  3. Lowes
  4. Target

A Top Seller of Cheap Boxes on Amazon:

  1. Cheap Boxes


Another thing you can do is go to some local stores in your area and ask a worker if they have used boxes they need to discard.  Explain that you are moving and you may get lucky.


There are many supplies that will help you with your long distance move.  Things like boxes, tape, labels, newspaper, tissue, markers, and bubble wrap are common moving supplies you should not overlook.  Many of these moving supplies you can get for free or very cheap at your local 99 cents store.

Things to help protect delicate items can be wrapped in clothing, towels, recyclables or old newspaper.  This will cut some of your moving costs a bit.  As you know, it all adds up.  Especially if you are packing an entire home.

Another item you should get as part of your move is a Mattress bag for moving and storage.  This protective bag is extremely durable and tear resistant.  It will also protect your mattress against dirt, moisture and even bed bugs!


Once you have finalized everything and you are ready to move, consider the liability coverage that you will get from the company you are hiring for interstate moving services. There are many companies that will ask you to pay for the insurance that you will get for your stuff.

It is important that you keep a decent amount of money aside when you are ready to move. You will notice there are many different costs for interstate moving services in the United States that you may not have taken into consideration previously.


Finding a reputable moving and storage service to assist you with your move is essential.    You can do many things to assure your moving service is top-notch.  Ask for referrals, get numerous quotes and assess your overall feeling when talking to a service representative.  Looking up reviews online is an excellent idea as well.  If you do all of these things you are sure to be pleased with the movers you choose.

Hopefully these tips will aid you in having a successful move experience.

Other Useful Suggestions and Hacks for your move

You are moving soon. But how do you ensure a smooth move now? On this page, you will find 15 moving tips from experienced moving companies.


  1. Determine a budget in advance. Are you still not sure whether you want to outsource the move or want to do it yourself? If you are not sure about this yet, it is useful to set a budget for yourself in advance. When you receive moving offers, it becomes easier to decide whether this is worth it for you. Is the price of the quotations higher than the amount you want to spend on it? Then the choice is made quickly.


  1. Consider when you want to move. Removal companies charge a higher rate on the weekend, and more are also charged for an emergency relocation. It is therefore advisable to set a date on time. Are you doing the move yourself? Then keep in mind the rush and the weather.


  1. Give your address change in a timely manner. You must pass on your address change to a lot of authorities to prevent your mail being sent to the wrong address. Read here with whom you should pass on the move.


  1. Start clearing and packing on time. When your move date is known, make sure you start cleaning up and packing your things on time. This probably takes more time than you expect, so start early. This is also the time to thoroughly clean up your belongings and dispose of items that you no longer use. A common mistake with a move is taking things that you have not used for years. You can keep these items separate and donate to a good cause, or have them collected by the cycle. Think of it as a win-win situation, you are rid of your unnecessary stuff and someone else might be very happy with it.


  1. Ensure sufficient filling and packing materials. When packing boxes, you need filling and packing materials to protect your belongings. Think of newspapers, leaflets, bubble plastic, kitchen paper, and polystyrene foam. You can use this to roll in your items (such as crockery and glassware) so that they do not damage them. You also have to fill boxes with newspapers or leaflets, to ensure that the items in the box can not move. Tidying up and packing things for moving


  1. Organize your boxes. When packing, make sure you have label stickers at hand to provide each box with a label. This will make it easier to place all boxes in the right space, which saves time when unpacking. In addition, make sure that you divide the weight. A box should be lighter than 20 kilos to prevent injuries. Put heavy items in the box and stack lighter items on top. An extra tip: put heavy items in a smaller box. This will prevent a box from becoming too heavy or half empty.


  1. Make sure you have wardrobe boxes for your clothes. In a wardrobe box you can hang your clothes, so you do not have to fold up and put them in bags or boxes. You hang your clothes on the hanger from your closet in the wardrobe box, and from the box your (new) closet. The moving company can deliver this.


  1. Measure your furniture. To make sure that your furniture fits through the door, it is advisable to measure everything. Do you live on a higher floor? Then a moving elevator can be a convenient option. Make sure that your furniture fits either through the window or through the door.


  1. Keep medicines and valuables separate. You do not want to have to look for medicines that are somewhere at the bottom of a box. You can also keep valuables separate and transport them yourself, then you know for sure that these will be moved quickly and safely to your new home. An extra tip: also keep tools separate. You can quickly get started in your new home without first having to unpack boxes.


  1. Remove desk trays or secure them. Desktop drawers can slide or slide out of the cabin while driving.


  1. For moving tips that will keep you safe, be sure to keep flammable goods separate. You might not know, but the packing of flammable or highly flammable liquids and aerosols is strongly discouraged when moving. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause a leak and even an explosion. When this happens and someone gets hurt, you are liable.


  1. Use the original box for electronic equipment (if possible). When you do not have these boxes anymore, make sure you pack them well in soft materials and fill the boxes with newspapers.


  1. For two practical and often overlooked moving tips, switch off your fridge and freezer on time.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it is.  Doing this prior to moving will ensure that your refrigerator and freezer can be transported completely dry and clean. Make sure they are upright during transport and that doors are properly closed.


  1. Pack lights with kitchen paper. Remove the light bulb and lampshade, roll up the cord and roll everything in with kitchen paper.


  1. Drain the residual water from the washing machine and secure the drum with the transport protection. This will prevent damage. We are at your service with a close-knit team of friendly and professional movers. All professionally trained and in possession of the necessary certificates. But also with years of experience and expertise in every conceivable area. This way you can be sure that the right movers are always ready to take care of your move quickly, smoothly and stress-free.