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Climate Controlled Storage Facilities

Charter Van Lines uses storage facilities with climate controlled units to safely store your belongings.  Our units are ideal for short term solutions to your storage needs.

Charter Van Lines

Choose our affiliated Storage Facilities in locations all over the United States

Do you need to store some of your belongings while you move into your new home?  Are you searching for the perfect place to keep your possessions due to a move or renovation?  If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, you have no need to worry.  Charter Van Lines uses storage facilities all over the country to help facilitate your move and keep your items safe during the process.

Our climate controlled, storage facilities are the perfect choice – no matter what your situation.  Many times, during a home renovation, storage solutions are necessary to keep items secure when appropriate room in a home is not available.  Renovations can become complicated when belongings are not kept in an organized area and get too disorganized.  Our storage units provide a valuable option to keep your home in tact and your belongings safe.

If you, like many other people, are downsizing but have valuables that need to be stored, Charter Van Lines will provide you with storage solutions that meet your needs.  Many people downsize and use residential or apartment moving services to relocate into a smaller space.  As grown children go off to college or as couples get older, all the extra space in a home becomes unused and unneeded.  In retirement years, it is common for people to want a simpler life.  It isn’t unusual for retirees to eventually want to live in a space that is much easier to maintain.

But along with downsizing comes less space to accommodate household furniture and possessions.  Sometimes it is difficult to part with items that hold sentimental value, even if there is little use or space for them in a home.  Not everyone wants or chooses to get rid of these precious belongings.  Even selling them is often difficult when they hold such important meaning.  With the easy and affordable option to keep items safe in storage facilities,  you don’t really need to worry.  Charter Van Lines is well equipped with facilities all over the country.

Storage facilities can also be used during the tedious relocation process.  Moving can be very unorganized and many times people want to use storage services to make the process easier.  Sometimes it’s better to have a safe place for storage until you are fully moved into your new home.  Charter Van Lines can secure this type of service to accommodate the difficult moving process.

Charter Van Lines is your best option for climate controlled storage facilities you can feel confident using for your storage needs.  For more information on our secure storage facilities, please reach out and speak to one of our helpful representatives.