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Calculating Moving Average Cost and Expenses

Moving average cost of an interstate relocation: If you would like to make your own estimate of your moving costs, you are on the right page.  Here you will get an overview of the moving average costs that moving companies charge for different types of relocations.   

 What does a move cost on average? The price for an average relocation within the United States, for example, can amount to approximately anywhere from $900-$6000 (assuming a household of 3 people). Now, I know this is a big range, but there are many factors that are involved in coming up with this estimate.  Your moving average costs concern the costs of a moving company, supplies, the amount of labor, travel and other add-ons.  In essence, the more you do yourself the cheaper it is.  

 Average costs moving companies charge depend on many different things.  The type of relocation is an important factor. For example, the cost of moving a household with one person is much less than the cost of moving a home with 6 people.  That’s common sense, but of course there’s more involved than simply the fact that 6 people own move belongings than 1. 

 Moving companies often compile their offers on the basis of 3 important factors: The call-out costs (travel distance); The costs of the movers (these are often calculated per hour); The costs of transport (type or size of the moving van, for example).  


Call-out costs  

 The call-out costs or the travel distance is very important for moving companies to calculate your relocation cost average. For example, if you move within New York City, your moving costs are higher than if you move the same distance in a residential area or smaller rural town. It helps to find a mover in your area so they don’t have to travel far to relocate you. A moving company charges an average of $ 0.50 per mile.   


Costs Per Mover  

 If you are moving a larger home or want to move extra quickly, you probably need more than one mover. Many moving companies charge an hourly rate in situations such as this. On average this is about $35 per hour in the United States.  

Note: Moving companies that are licensed and

affiliated are often more pricey- but for good reason.  They charge a higher hourly rate but their services are often protected.  Finding a mover on Craigslist or a similar site would be cheaper but could pose a huge risk.   

 Transportation costs  

Are you going to move all your belongings and do you have a big house? Then your moving company needs a larger truck than with a smaller move. You will also see this again in the total costs. There are also moving companies in the United States that only use environmentally friendly trucks. These are very good for the environment, but a bit more expensive for you as a consumer.  Apart from all previously mentioned costs and factors that may affect the costs, the planning also has an influence on the moving costs.   


Working day vs. Weekend  

 Can you free up time during the week to supervise the move? Then we definitely recommend this. On weekends, moving companies charge extra costs because of the surcharges for the movers. The allowance on the hourly wage differs again for Saturday and Sunday. Where you have to take into account an hourly wage of 125% on Saturday, you have to pay 175% on Sunday.   


Last minute moves 

 If you want to move as quickly as possible, moving companies can often offer an emergency service. Of course, the costs for this service are considerably higher than for a normal move. So arrange your move in time to save money.   


Inbuilt storage space  

 Have you sold your own house and is your new home not yet ready to move immediately? Then you can also arrange a storage space for your belongings via the moving company. Here the items can then remain temporarily until they can be moved to the new address. For a storage space, you can count on an average of $150 per month.   

 Calculate the costs for your move Every move is different and so the costs for your move will always differ from the average costs. To help you calculate your relocation costs, you can request up to 5 free quotes on our site. We work together with various moving companies to provide you with a realistic cost. Comparing is, of course, equal to saving. By requesting and comparing quotations you can easily save up to 40% on your moving average costs. 

Average Cost of Relocating a 3 Bedroom Home

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