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Business to business moves can be hard unless you find a commercial relocation service with a wealth of experience. Charter Van Lines is a Florida interstate mover that connects you to corporate relocation experts that are the best in the industry.  We coordinate high quality office moves you can trust.

As you know, it is crucial for any business to be able to operate as many days of the year as possible.  Many times, businesses can find that they are left closed for longer than expected with unnecessary delays.  Working with other commercial relocation services is a risk that is not worth taking.  With Charter Van Lines, we can guarantee your corporate move goes smoothly.  We will get your relocation underway on the day it is scheduled so your new location is ready to open by the date it needs to be.


Our commercial moving services for your business relocation comes complete with packing up your prior location, unpacking, and re-assembling your entire office at the new address.  We make long distance business to business moves easy for our clients by sending you movers that handle everything with full service.  Let Charter Van Lines handle your commercial relocation!


Does your corporation have a trade show coming up?  Our commercial movers are the best and can coordinate moving trade show exhibits, too.  We can even provide storage facilities or auto transport services, unlike many of the other corporate relocation companies.


The business to business moving services that we offer are handled by a team that is more than 200 strong.  Why take a risk with any of the other commercial moving companies when we have the five star team that make your business to business move a cakewalk?  We can move you anywhere in the country, any day of the year.  Set your corporate moving goals with the office movers that can achieve them for you.
Remember, when it comes to commercial moving services, Charter Van Lines is the one you can rely on.  Call and speak to one of our representatives today for an estimate for your commercial relocation or to reserve your move today!

Charter Van Lines connects you with the best commercial relocation specialists for your business to business move!

Charter Van Lines will find you the best movers and offer you the lowest rates for your Commercial Relocation.

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Commercial Relocation

Along with commercial moves we can also coordinate moving trade show exhibits.  If you need anything stored for any length of time, we can set you up. We have multiple warehouses that we utilize for such needs, so just let us know and we will get you moving when you need to.


The teams we connect you with are always professional.  They will be sure to take a full inventory before beginning the packing process, optimizing the space used for your belongings, taking care of all aspects of disassembly and reassembly, as well as making sure to clean up in the final stages of the job.  We are here to make sure that you can go about your business straight through the every moment of your corporate move. Leave all of the worries to our agents and your team of movers.

 Charter Van Lines has one of the best customer service teams around.  Call us today and get your quick moving quote before making any decisions about your commercial move.  Our agents are eager to help with any of your questions that may arise before, during, and after your move.  When you are ready we will have you connected with some of the best state to state movers in the country and have you on the road to your corporations new site of operations.  We are here for you any day of the year. All you need is an address and Charter Van Lines will see to it that you get there! We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your upcoming corporate move.

When it comes to commercial relocation, Charter Van Lines is your best choice!