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Charter Van Lines connects you with the home moving service you need any day of the year. When you schedule your household move through us, rest assured that everything will be done correctly. Our customer service department employs professional, friendly workers who are invested in your move.  We are easy to get in touch with and available every day of the year.

Residential and Household Interstate Moves

It can be tough to find a reputable home moving service.  But Charter Van Lines will solve that problem.  With connections to top providers in your area, we will find you a professional home moving service for your residential relocation.  Recognized for its superior services, Charter Van Lines is one of the nation’s top providers of household moving services.  We are affiliated with the best movers in the business.  We are prepared to secure competitive rates for your home move.

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Interstate Home Moves

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Full Service Options

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Cross Country Relocation

Charter Van Lines is a home moving service provider.  We service customer who are relocating to different states within the continental United States.  We have multiple residential moving options.  Our goal is to transition you into your new home easily.  We customize your move experience and find affordable solutions for our household moving customers.  We look forward to working with you.

Residential Services also include

interstate moving and packing/storage services


Charter Van Lines offers apartment moving solutions for your residential move.  We have the appropriate equipment for the interstate relocation of even your smaller space.

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Moving can be difficult and often times clients need storage facilities to keep their belongings.  We have storage solutions for your interstate move. Another reason to choose Charter Van Lines!

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Charter Van Lines provides low auto transport rates for your residential relocation. Your vehicle is always transported safely with Charter Van Lines!

Charter Van Lines

We are Experts in Residential Relocation

If you are looking for a professional home moving service, Charter Van Lines is your best option.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know what type of moving service you may need for your residential move.  For smaller home moves such as apartment moving and dorm room moving, a smaller team of movers is used.  When we move a larger home and vehicle, we connect you with the appropriate movers who are experienced and capable.

The good news is you do not need to worry at all!  From arranging a date to come and pack up your belongings, with a complete list of inventory so nothing gets misplaced, to reassembling all of your furniture, your home relocation service through Charter Van Lines will never let you down.  The home moving service providers we use are top notch compared to other moving companies that just don’t measure up.  And if you need to store items from your move before they reach your home, Charter Van Lines has storage facilities at your disposal as well.  Many moving companies do not offer this important service.

Our friendly agents will handle your home moving and relocation needs and can give you a free estimate for the service you choose.  If you need to schedule auto transport in addition to your household move, we can do that too.  As your link to the best moving services in the industry, Charter Van Lines goes above and beyond.  We always make sure that you are happy and we do it right!

Along with the quality Charter Van Lines ensures, we also provide excellent prices at the lowest rates for your relocation.   With our huge network of movers all over the United States, it’s easy for us to meet your needs.  We offer so many full service amenities for your move.  We make household moving easy, whether it be a small job like apartment moving or a much larger residence.

Long distance moving can be overwhelming.  There are so many home moving services to choose from in the United States.  Because it is often difficult to choose the best mover, it’s best to get matched up with a licensed professional through us.  Stick to the best and call Charter Van Lines today. We are the home moving service that can meet all of your residential moving needs!

If you serve or served in the United States military we have a discounted rate awaiting you.  Call Charter Van Lines today!

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Our Promise to You

Excellence in Household Moving Services

As a reputable home moving service, we at Charter Van Lines feel we have an obligation to help our customers get sorted for their days ahead.  There are so many movers.  Unfortunately, not all of them make household moving as easy and stress free as we do.  It is our mission to provide a quality relocation and home moving service to all of our customers.

A Word From Your Friends at Charter Van Lines

Tips For Choosing a Home Moving Service

Moving from your home and choosing the right service can be problematic, leading to stress and confusion. When looking for long distance movers, it can be overwhelming.  There are so many to choose from!  Who can you trust to handle your long distance relocation?

The good news is that you do not have to worry. Charter Van Lines is affiliated with all of the nation’s top home moving services.  We will connect you to the right moving company for your interstate move.  We are committed to providing quality services that ease your stress and get you into your new home.

Here are some tips to consider before booking your residential relocation:


It is very important to make sure you go to a reliable company.  Don’t coordinate your relocation through someone you simply find on Craigslist.  Registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) a legitimate mover will explains whether they are a broker or a mover, arranging the transportation of your shipment but not providing line-haul transportation versus actually transporting your shipment.  Charter Van Lines is licensed. That is right, we are legitimate!


The companies Charter Van Lines connects its clients to always begin an apartment moving job, or that of an entire house, by taking a full inventory of all of the possessions that they will be handling.  The mover is required to make a record of the existence and condition of each item before it is moved, establishing a record of the existence and condition of everything that will be handled.  After completing the list the mover and you both sign off on it to commence with the move. This is something that is often overlooked by long distance movers Miami is known for.


We have a great team of over 200 employees with a number of departments, one of the most crucial being our customer service department. They will answer any questions and relieve any of your apartment moving  or relocation anxieties.  We will connect you with a reliable Florida interstate mover.  Who would have known that residential moving could be this easy?


Charter Van Lines is available any day of the year.  Our full service moves make your move easy with movers that will take care of everything from packing your belongings to reassembling them at your new home.  Who would have thought that residential moving could actually be relaxing!  Of all of the long distance movers in the industry, we connect you to the best of the best. Stick with us if you want a team that is diligent and reliable.  Be sure to browse the rest of our website to read more about our full service!


Now that you have an idea of what residential moving is all about, go ahead and check out the stellar reviews that our team at Charter Van Lines has received!  We are your top choice for interstate moving services for a good reason… well, a whole bunch of good reasons!

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Charter Van Lines is here to help with all of your apartment moving needs!

Charter Van Lines moving and storage

Charter Van Lines is here to help with all of your apartment moving needs!

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Charter Van Lines is your residential and home moving specialist!

Reserve a date for your long distance move to ensure mover availability in your location.  Charter Van Lines is an interstate moving provider.

Get an Instant Quote for your long distance relocation.  Receive a 10% discount by using Charter Van Lines.

If you would like to speak to a Charter Van Lines representative, we look forward to helping!  Call 1 (800) 684-4853 or email us today!