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Choose Charter Van Lines if you want the top provider of interstate moving services in the country. With a corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida, Charter Van Lines is a Florida Interstate Mover well connected with the top movers in the industry. From residential to commercial relocation to auto transport moving, our interstate movers offer a variety of services to help you reach your new destination or store your belongings.

Charter Van Lines is established as a top resource, connecting clients to moving services all over the United States. We are recognized in such cities as Miami, Orlando, Dayton Beach, West Palm Beach, New York City, Charleston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and many more. Actually, we operate as one of the key interstate moving providers in just about every city and town in the country. We are proud of our reputation and we are proud to serve our customers. We will always provide professional, reliable and experienced interstate movers to all of our jobs.

Our moving services for your interstate relocation come with many options! From full-service to auto transport moving, our contracted interstate movers offer the services you need for your long distance relocation. All of your moving and storage needs will be taken care of by our friendly representatives. We will arrange your move and get you the best and lowest rates for your interstate move. We offer quality services you can trust at affordable rates!

If you looking for a top interstate mover, trust Charter Van Lines to help facilitate your relocation. We can coordinate moving trade show exhibits or arrange to pack up your belongings and store items in a warehouse. With more than 200 agents in the country, we serve nearly every city and small town across America with the best interstate moving and storage services available. From packing the truck to unloading at your new destination, we do it all! Charter Van Lines is a top choice for state to state commercial relocation!

Charter Van Lines is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) member. We also assist military members with relocating and provide great Military Service Discounts. As one of the leaders among house hold goods movers and storage companies, we have the experts and options to ensure your employees’ or families’ possessions are moved professionally and on-time.

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Approximate cost for Interstate Moving Services in the US

You might have been wondering how much it will cost for you to move out of state. According to a recent study, the average cost of interstate moving services when the distance is 1225 miles and weight is 7400 pounds may be more than you thought.  The price can range anywhere from $2300 to $4300 or more depending on all of the services you need for your move.

You can easily calculate the amount that you will have to pay for an interstate move if you know the distance and the weight of all of your furniture and items. However, there are many other facts that might affect the cost of your long distance move.

Here is a list of some of the expenses that you should consider while you are moving out of state.

Travel fee

The travel fee can quickly increase when you are planning your interstate move. There are different services and costs that you will have to consider. This may include the fuel cost and a labor cost which includes the time movers spend helping you move your stuff from one place to another.

Size and weight

You have to pay attention to the weight and size of items that you are planning to move when you hire movers for your interstate moving service. The more stuff you have the more you will pay. The reason is that when you have more items the work load is heavier and the overall weight and cost will increase.

Packing services

There are many individuals that hire movers to pack and unpack household items and furniture for an interstate move. You are hiring for extra services which means that you will have to pay extra for them as well.


Remember that if you include any add-on services the cost of your interstate move will be increased. Some of the common add-on services that people often consider including are

  1. Disassembling and reassembling the furniture
  2. Moving supplies to be provided by movers like felt pads, stretch wraps, and mattress bags
  3. Moving specialty items

Storage cost

If you are moving out of state, there are chances that you will need someplace to store your items for sometime. If your friend does not have enough space in his or her garage there are chances that you will have to rent a storage space or ask the movers to do the task for you. In this situation, you should get ready to pay a good amount of money for storage services to accommodate your interstate move.

Moving supplies

Do not forget that you will have to pay for moving supplies if you cannot get all of your boxes for free. It might not be a huge amount of money, but it will add up.  You will need a large amount of supplies and boxes to complete any of your interstate moving services.  Remember, you are packing and moving your entire home!

Liability coverage

Once you have finalized everything and you are ready to move, consider the liability coverage that you will get from the company you are hiring for interstate moving services. There are many companies that will ask you to pay for the insurance that you will get for your stuff.

It is important that you keep a decent amount of money aside when you are ready to move. You will notice there are many different costs for interstate moving services in the United States that you may not have taken into consideration previously.

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